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Arena Battle Card Game In Development

Featuring the Art of Manthos Lappas

What is Arcane Gladiator?

Arcane Gladiator is a strategic card game that uniquely combines elements of:

  • Trick-taking games like Bridge, Spades, Hearts, Truko

  • Collectible card games

  • Combat sports like MMA or (real) wrestling


Arcane Gladiator takes place in the Arcane Arena, where four summoning stations can be used to summon gladiators to fight, or magic to assist or thwart them.  As an Arcane Conjurer, your role is somewhat like a high school wrestling coach, except your "lightweights" are goblins, orcs, or elves, and your "heavyweights" are dragons and wyrms.  Oh, and spells.  Wrestling doesn't have spells.

Arcane Gladiator is not a collectible card game, so there is no implied commitment to buy a zillion cards.  The deck is more like a "module" in a role playing game: everyone plays with the cards in the deck.​  If the world enjoys this game as much as the designers have, there will be more decks in the future, with new themes, but each designed to be played as is.

Amazing Art!

Angel of Vengeance.jpg
Ice Blast.jpg
Muiri Ent.jpg
Gnome Mage.jpg

We are incredibly pleased that renowned fantasy artist Manthos Lappas is creating the art for Arcane Gladiator.  The cards are designed to truly showcase his beautiful art.  We'll be sharing a lot of art right here on the front page as it is developed.  So check back in or sign up below!

See more Arcane Gladiator art.

Go to Manthos Lappas artstation page.


On April 4, 2020, Manthos completed the art for 32 of the 64 cards for the first release, putting us Half Way There!  In fact, we have so much art done that we're no longer displaying all of it here on the website.  But we'll be rotating in new stuff as it is completed.

Frost Giant.jpg
Ancient Fire Dragon.jpg
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